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Monitoring All Your Remote Sites Made Easy

A powerful dashboard that lets you track your remote office.

In partnership with outsourcing with WeSourcely, we will seamlessly integrate your offshore team by using WeTrackly. Our powerful real-time productivity measurement tool designed to monitor and track employee workflows to better understand and improve business performance.


WeTrackly is a must-have behavior analytics solution accessible from any device that has an Internet connection.  Our software provides real-time insight into the productivity and performance of your offshore team.  Taking just minutes to install, this cloud-based employee monitoring solution provides clear visuals to show which remote employees are actively engaged in their daily work, giving you the peace of mind so you can focus on your core business.


Using the WeTrackly dashboard, you can easily monitor schedules, set alerts, and track multiple work sessions simultaneously via a secure and protected connection. Detailed reports via the real-time dashboard help you gain insights into the habits, time consumption, and productivity of your remote team.  Utilizing WeTrackly technology ensures that businesses like yours can outsource with confidence and success.

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First, our on-site IT team will install the WeTrackly software at the offshore office, whether it be for a single workstation or several workstations.  Once installed, user actions are instantly recorded and logged.  The data is then easily accessed via the WeTrackly dashboard for real-time analysis of employee activities to make sure everyone is on track and working to their fullest potential.


WeTrackly specifically monitors every website and application that is accessed as well as quantifying how much time is being spent on each task.  It captures title bars of applications, URLs, and screenshot data.  With its dynamic filtering, it can block questionable websites, send alerts for flagged events, and can redirect remote employee actions.  WeTrackly is a robust and customizable tool to help you monitor your remote work environment and measure the output of work as it occurs.


Real-Time Monitoring

Stay in the loop by watching the computer screens of your remote team in real time.  At any given moment you can view all active windows and applications, and tap into a live view of your offshore team’s current workflow.                                                                                               

Visual data identifies the devices, the active users, the current applications and websites, and the amount of time being spent on each.  With WeTrackly, you can instantly review the productivity of your offsite workers on the go, and immediately redirect inefficient activities to boost performance.

WeTrackly Real-Time
WeTrackly Attendance

Attendance Monitoring

We understand that accurate and reliable time and attendance records are crucial when outsourcing offshore staff. That’s why we’ve incorporated biometric fingerprint authentication at all remote offices that are directly linked to the WeTrackly dashboard.  


Track all punched actions immediately and securely.  See who’s in, who’s at lunch, who’s out, or even watch longer-term trends such as who always punches in early or late.  Time is money, and the WeTrackly dashboard helps managers analyze and balance costs while reaching project goals.

Video Monitoring

Want to keep ‘eyes’ on your offshore employees?  You can, with WeTrackly video monitoring.  It’s just one of several project management tools integrated within WeTrackly that helps to increase the transparency of your remote team.

Get immediate responses on critical projects that require constant collaboration, simply by opening up WeTrackly.  Check in on employees, engage in face-to-face conversations, conduct chat sessions, share screenshots and more.

WeTrackly video monitoring helps offshore employees become more engaged and focused.

WeTrackly Video Monitoring
WeTrackly Reports

Activity Reports

With WeTrackly, we take the guesswork out of outsourcing.  Our dashboard monitors all activities on each remote workstation, from open websites and applications to attendance, time tracking and more.  All of the data is then compiled into easy-to-read reports to give you a precise picture of individual workflows.


WeTrackly reports are designed to guide you in making more informed decisions about your day-to-day operational productivity and efficiency.  Our reports put you in the driver’s seat, ensuring full visibility and control of your remote team.

Getting Started Is Easy! 
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