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Improve your bottom line by reducing your operating expenses.  No more workers comp, 401K contributions or expensive health plans.  Everything you need, at a fraction of the cost.


Seamless, efficient and fast.  We match the right level of expertise to your unique job requirements and jumpstart your offshore team in no time.

Identify your required skill set

We prescreen qualified talent

You video interview top picks

Approved hires begin immediately

We take a hands-on approach when sourcing quality talent for your business.  By tapping into our extensive talent pool, we first match the job requirements with the top candidates.  We carefully screen potential applicants for you and conduct the first round of interviews.  Those that move forward are then asked to complete a skills assessment to verify their competence and expertise.  Our objective is to bring you the best and the brightest.


Next, we have you interview the top three prospects via phone, video conferencing, or through the use of our telepresence robots.  You choose the candidate that best aligns with your objectives, goals, and values.  From there, we hire them on your behalf, onboard them at the remote office, and off they go.  We manage the entire setup of the workstation, from installing the OS Platform and the proper software to setting up direct phone lines and providing a secure VPN.  We make sure they are ready to go on day ONE.


Controlled Office Environment

On Premises Manager

Supervision at all times

Employee Digital Dashboard

See who is doing what and when

Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Encourage responsibility and accountability

Live Video Feed

Keep a close eye on your people

Direct Phone Line

Just dial an extension

Computer and Internet Usage Report

Know what they are doing

Ready? Lets Gets Started!​

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